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The jackal picture

This 56" Hybrid Longbow is just like its namesake... small but deadly! At 40# @ 28 Inches its packs a punch. 
The beautiful Walnut and Ironwood R…

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The wolf picture

This Scythian style recurve derives its name from the apex predator on the Siberian Tundra. ItsBamboo and Bo-tuff fibreglass Limbs with Panga Panga R…

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The cheetah picture

Just like the predator this bow was named for, this bow was built for the hunt. At 60#@28" this bow pushes a 485gr arrow at 175fps. The dark Panga pa…

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The leopard picture

Like the predator it is named after this 64" Take-down Longbow is the ultimate hunter at 65# @ 28"
The exotic Panga Panga(Partridge Wood) and Ash Rise…

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The rooikat (caracal) picture

Stealthy and fast like the African "Rooikat" (Red cat) it is named for this  60" Take-down recurve bow is a pleasure to shoot at 45#@28"
The Beau…

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The jaguar picture

The Jaguar is considered one of the strongest of the Cat species and like its namesake this 70#@28" monster is not for the faint-hearted. The I - bea…

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The Scythian Design on this apex predator makes it an absolute pleasure to draw- No stacking at all.

This 64#@28" Take-down Longbow is surprisingly smooth to draw. Also available in lighter draw weights.

Fast and surprisingly quiet, even without string silencers.


Answer all questions to customize your bow to your specifications.


At EBC Bows every bow is lovingly handcrafted by Bowyer Egbie Compion. 

Each one unique and made to your specifications. Beautiful take-down and one piece Longbows and Recurve bows handcrafted  to your customized specifications. Each one a masterpiece.

Egbie Compion picture

Egbie Compion


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