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The tasmanian devil take-down recurve bow. picture

Short but deadly, this little bow was built for the stalk. At 47" nock to nock it is truly a compact bow that still packs a punch. This one is 57#@28…

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The grizzly take-down recurve bow picture

This beautiful design with its comfortable pistol grip and your choice of longbow or recurve limbs is and exciting bow to shoot.

Customise it with you…

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The wolverine cub. picture

This beautiful compact take-dow recurve bow design is intended for those of smaller stature but available in 20- 50# it is still a force to be reckon…

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The rooikat cub picture

This 60" Take-down Recurve bow with its 15" Riser is ideal for teens or people of smaller stature.

Available in 20- 50# @ 28" and customized to your c…

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The ratel hybrid longbow picture

Like its namesake this little bow is deceptively tough. Built for speed, it has a duel shelf and can be shot left- or righthanded. Mediterranean or t…

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The cheetah cub take-down recurve bow picture

This smaller version of the Cheetah is ideal for ladies, children or those of smaller stature. 
Customised with your choice of timbers and pounda…

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The Scythian Design on this apex predator makes it an absolute pleasure to draw- No stacking at all.

This 64#@28" Take-down Longbow is surprisingly smooth to draw. Also available in lighter draw weights.

Fast and surprisingly quiet, even without string silencers.


Answer all questions to customize your bow to your specifications.


At EBC Bows every bow is lovingly handcrafted by Bowyer Egbie Compion. 

Each one unique and made to your specifications. Beautiful take-down and one piece Longbows and Recurve bows handcrafted  to your customized specifications. Each one a masterpiece.


Egbie Compion picture

Egbie Compion


Follower of Christ, Bowyer, Bowhunter, musician, Outdoorsman. Genesis 27:3-4


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